Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Let's Talk Potter

I just found this picture in my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows "googlings" and I couldn't resist sharing:

Look! It's all the Harrys (Harries?) Hahaha! I hate to admit it, but Daniel Radcliffe can be surprisingly funny when he wants to be.

Ok, November, I give you permission to come...

NOW! Please?

This picture is interesting to me, because it looks like a paparazzi shot...but it's actually from the movie! Just Harry, Hermoine and Ron - out on their own, searching for Horcruxes and Hallows! Mwahahaha! I'm so giddy:

She is plain awesome at being plain evil:

I think...no, I KNOW that I am going to cry in this movie. Oh Dobby, what a hero:

Yep. Definitely gonna cry:

Oooh lala! Ok, but really? Is it just me or do the film Harry and Ginny have the most awkward relationship ever? I like their relationship in the book a lot more:

This picture just made me laugh. It's very nicely staged,
but it could totally be on the cover of a fashion magazine or something :)

As could this one.
Do you think Emma, Dan and Rupert are this trendy in real life?

Long Live Harry Pottah!


Chess said...

I'm. so. EXCITED. I hope it's good, because I've only ever liked the fifth and sixth movies. And yes, Movie Ginny and Harry are so awkward. I can hardly stand them. I love them in the books though. I think it's because I don't like Dan Radcliffe. Sorry, kid. And I bet Emma and Rupert are trendy, but like I said, I think Dan is awkward. Also, I think I answered all your questions. Hahahaha! :-)

The Rookie said...

I love that you love Mr. Potter ever so much! :)

Jessica Leigh said...

Only 51 days, 1 hour and 14 minutes...

Just sayin'... ;)

Kim said...

I had to laugh at the last picture, that turquoise stripped sweater--HA, HA!

Sarah Hatch said...

I just finished listening to the last book on tape (2nd or 3rd time I think) Anyway, I'm way excited.

JMay said...

Ahhh, so excited too! :-)

lovinlife said...

Yay! I wonder where the two HP 7 films split. The Dobby part seems like it's at the very end of the book.

That last picture made me laugh, too... but because it looks like they're just sitting the counters of a nice new kitchen. Hmmm, weird.

Shayna said...

I completely agree with everything in this post. We have the same thoughts, but I'm glad you posted this and not me, you put them much more eloquently.