Sunday, August 8, 2010


That’s what I am...

in college...

I mean, obviously I knew that already, but it just hit me like a ton of bricks... That's what they call you when you're almost done with school. This might be too soon to tell, but I think I'm really going to miss school once I graduate. Then again, maybe I'm just saying that because I happen to miss it right now.

If you had told me right out of high school that I'd be THIS CLOSE to a career I probably would've...well, frowned actually. I've never wanted a career. I still don't. It's not really something I've ever known. Call it whatever you want, anti-feminist or what-have-you, but I've always known a woman's place to be in the home, rearing a family, etc. My mom raised 8 of the greatest people I know. There is nothing pathetic about the grueling 24/7 occupation known as Motherhood.

I guess that kind of life isn't for everyone, but I've known since the age of 2 that it was what I wanted to be most when I grew up. It still is. It will come in time.

Now, as I stand at the threshold of this uncharted world of pencil skirts and briefcases, I find a completely different part of myself...excited. I think there is something within every human being that enjoys the thrill of "The Unknown," whether secretly or not. Stepping into the darkness is one sure way to find out what you're really made of. I don't know about you, but I really appreciate opportunities to become better acquainted with myself. It's a useful bit of information to know who you are, wouldn't you say?

So, I don't really know where I was going with this, but that's "The Unknown" for ya.

Gotta love a thrill.


The Rookie said...

When I graduated from college, moved to "the big city", and started my career it threw me for an identity loop. If I wasn't a student, then who was I? It was all I'd ever known. The entire experience was exciting, terrifying, and lonely all at once. But life progresses and all turns out in the end.

And I still miss school. That is, until I put myself to bed at a nice, square hour instead of pulling an all-nighter at the library to finish that essay. Then I'm fine with it.

Good luck! (Sorry for the long comment!)

Kim said...

Wow! to be done is quite an accomplishment, You're almost there! I think the unknown is kind of exciting as well as scary. You'll be great, where ever you end up, just know that!

Heidi said...

You put this all SO well. I feel the exact same way going into my senior year . . . never quite planned for the future past it all. But giving your charisma on the blogging page you will succeed at anything life throws at you after graduation! Congrats on being a senior!