Monday, August 9, 2010

I have 1st C.H.R.

I went to the dentist this morning

I had my very FIRST cavities (2)

Techinally, I should be proud of myself

Going 22 years without a single cavity

Well, there was the one in the tooth that they pulled for braces.

Phew! A narrow escape.

So, this morning I had them drilled and filled

And now I’m suffering from what I like to call:

1st Cavity-Haver’s Remorse

I’m so sorry, poor teeth.

If only I had brushed you better. More often.


Nothing like the smell of drilling bone in the morning, eh?

Ew. Gag.

Never again, I tell you.


Yes, I'm weird.

I blame the Novocain.

Now if I can go the rest of the day without accidentally biting my numb tongue,

I'll be happy



Kim said...

cavities are not fun, but 22 years of avoiding them is awesome I use you as an example for my kids.

lovinlife said...

Gotta love that chubby-face feeling. :)

p.s. Oh dear, I COULD NOT resist putting the Word Verification "word" on here: