Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Head First

Picture me writing this on a big chalk board in a lab coat with hair like Mr. Einstein and a crazed look on my face, like I’ve been awake for way too long…


Subract Sunday = 144 hours

Subtract Ideal Sleep Schedule (42 hours) = 102 workable hours per week

Monday: 10 hours on campus

Tuesday: 9.5 hours on campus

Wednesday: 13.5 hours on campus

Thursday: 8 hours on campus

Friday: 5 hours on campus

TOTAL HOURS SPENT ON CAMPUS: 46 (including work)

Add hours required for homework/study: 26+

TOTAL HOURS SPENT ON SCHOOL: 72 out of 102 available

Hours remaining for extracurricular/personal activity: 30 hours

The interesting thing about this WHOLE equation is that school isn't even my first priority.

What about my family, my ward responsibilities, my friends...uh, my LIFE period!?

Today when I went to my 4 hour Letterpress class and heard the workload of at least 8 hours outside of class, I nearly cried. I have never been so busy...and perhaps that's pathetic to the majority of the world, but to each his own. My own says, "Whoa, Nelly!"

Thankfully, I have never had more confidence that I can conquer this semester...not by myself of course, but with Heavenly Father's help. In Him ALL things are possible, IF you get your priorities in order. Now, my priorities might be completely unbalanced right now, but Heavenly Father knows how hard I'm trying, which, I'm happy to admit, is 10x harder than I've ever tried in my life. I want to be my very best and He gives me strength in so many aspects of my life. I couldn't make it through even a single day without His compassion and blessings, without the strength of the spirit through the instruction and examples of the scriptures, and through my persistent pleadings in prayer.

It's going to be hard, but OH the things I will learn.

And you know what's cool about learning hard things?

Those lessons strengthen your foundation for the rest of your life.