Monday, December 6, 2010

I Will Suhvive

Yep yep!
Gloria and I are pulling an all-nighter...

...spandex, sequins, roller skates and all

(seriously, who is that lady? And what is she doing?)

I love sleep :( This might be tricky...

Do you think I'll crumble?
Do you think I'll lay down and die?
...It might take all the strength I have not to fall apart, but I'm pretty sure...


1 comment:

Jessica Leigh said...

Ah the joy... look at it this way. I pulled off two all-nighters my final semester of college. Two. I'm still not sure how that worked... but I SURVIIIIVED! (although barely... especially the one that resulted in 46 hours of being awake... yeah...) GOOD LUCK! ;)