Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Heartstrings of the Week: A League of Their Own

I could think of so many displeasing words for the male gender right now...but instead, I think I'll share a song...because I KNOW there are those gentlemen out there who actually think thoughts like this...and I'm holding out for one o' them:

(this video is lame, but it's the best one I could find that didn't have bikini-clad women in it, which ruins the cuteness of this song if you ask me... So...)

Ah. Feeling much better.
My apologies to those of my male friends who took the time to read this and are now potentially feeling bad about themselves. You know I love y'all.

Wahoo for dating! "It's de best. I luf eet." Name that movie!

Yeah, I think it's time for a chick flick with the Madre.
Any recommendations?


Chess said...

Oh man. I've had no luck coming up with flattering words with the male gender either. But as for chick-flick recommendations... always, always, always, You've Got Mail. :-)

The Rookie said...

I love this song! I have it on a CD--somewhere.

Chick flicks? I have always had this thing for "Return to Me" and if you're a British period piece girl, you simply MUST netflix the BBC's "North and South." You can view it instantly on your computer or Wii or what-have-you.

Kim said...

I just saw the movie -Letters To Juliet, it was a very sweet love stiry!