Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Game We All Play

I never write about dating on my blog.


Because a) I save the "personal things" for my journal. And truly, dating is personal. Yes, high school trains us all to believe our dating lives are front-page news and this morning’s announcements and, well, that nothing you tell anyone is sacred once it's crossed the threshold of your lips.

Lame. That is the part of high school that I do not miss.

And, reason b) is because...I try to avoid writing about things that I know nothing about. You're probably laughing, but I'm serious. I've been dating for 7 years and I still don't know what the heck I'm doing. Do any of us? If you say yes you're either married or lying… Just sayin'


So, despite my current...predicament, or whatever you want to call "being single and greatly disliking the single male population in general", I think I'm gonna be ok. I still have faith that there is at least one individual in the midst of the obnoxious lot of them that I would love to spend forever with, and vice-versa...that's the kicker ;) jk

To quote a book we're reading in my design class:

"Is it hard?...Not if you have the right attitudes. It's having the right attitudes that's hard."

Last night, I was crying. I tend to do that when I'm low on sleep and overloaded with stupid projects...or, shall I say, overloaded with unsavory "attitudes" toward my current workload.

...I guess I'm just a girl or something.

Anyway, Madre, being the understanding woman she is, sat down beside me and read me her diary from when she was my age, the part of her "once upon a time" when Dad entered the scene. Now, that didn't necessarily help the "crying factor" of my evening per say, but it sure refreshed my "attitudes" about dating. She read:

"Today, Steve asked me to be his wife..."

And oh yes, I cried. C'mon, it was "The Beginning" of my family. Like I'm pretty sure I watched it happen from "the balcony" and did the same thing. It was beautiful, like a fairytale, but real. As real as the author of this blog... That's me – Lindsay Kay - result of aforementioned fairytale. And that, my friends, is miraculous!

It sure is a shame that dating is so...blah, like 94% of the time, when you consider the beautiful things that eventually come of it. Like families. I sure like those!

I think the reason for that is that we tend to appreciate more the things we've ached for, worked for, cried for, hoped for, prayed for, and just plain waited for. In fact, take a look at the things you treasure most in your life. Did someone just hand them to you? Or are they a result of desire and a lot of hard work and/or time?

Do yourself a favor and go hug 'em.


Jalene said...

that was beautifully written.

and you're right my friend... it does take a lot of crying, heartache, frustration, disappointment, and hard work. but once that is all over, it's worth it because you appreciate the good that you have. just be happy (which i know you are) and don't get discouraged. it will happen. just open your heart. :)

love you.

lovinlife said...

Linds, I'm sorry you had a sad/discouraged moment, but, remember, all have them. Whether we're single, married, widowed, etc. Be kind to yourself and don't sweat it. I honestly believe that it finally happened for me when I wasn't worried about it and when I decided to be happy with the present.

One of the most valuable things I learned about dating was focusing on my date and trying to make sure they were having fun no matter how short, tall, harry, fat, toned, funny, or dull they were. Make a friend and open your heart.

I know that you were venting, and that this is repetitive, but I want to put in my 2 cents because I love ya! You're awesome. I'm proud to be your sis!

Brenda said...

Love you Linds!