Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Call Waiting

One of the great things about Life is that when you get moving Life has no choice but to move with you.

"Whoa-ho-ho, Lindsay Kay! Whippin' out the profound stuff!"

Ok, but seriously. Sometimes Life just seems so stagnant, yes? Oh-ho, yes! You better believe it does! I can personally guarantee that when Life seems to be holding still, there's probably a part of you that is holding still, too...whether or not you'd like to admit it.

We all know what it's like to wait by the mail box or inbox or keep our ear tuned to the vibration of our cellphone, just waiting in anticipation for something, ANYTHING, to happen. But sometimes the thing we overlook the most is our ability to push the send button or stamp the envelope or dial the number ourselves!

Wow, friends! That is my week summed up in a single sentence. Life is for learning, for pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones...in as safe and healthy a way as possible. Don't go diving on any cliffs just to get "outside of your comfort zone"...that's not what I'm getting at!

Now, that's not to say that by standing still the phone will never ring. Heavenly Father lets the phone ring for you every once in a while. I love it when that happens. When answers just come! When friends just know that you needed exactly what they have to offer! A true testament of God's hand our Lives. He is in the details.

But another profound way that God shows His love for us is by letting us work things out for ourselves, rather than catching "the fish" for us. They say that the best things in Life are free...but I'd add that some of the most cherished things in Life are a result of tears, sweat, prayers, and patience.

Don't shun work for fear of sweat,
That's why they invented deodorant.

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