Thursday, June 16, 2011

True Happiness...

...knows no pride. a drop in a pool and each resulting ripple. your heart's way of smiling.

...comes when charity calls. water through the fingers of those who seek to keep it for themselves. gratitude to God. not the destination, but is accumulated in each step of the journey.

...often reveals itself in the form of chocolate. rooted in action, not stagnancy.

...can only be seen with open eyes,
can only be heard with open ears,
can only be felt with an open heart. the genius of little children.

(my nieces on a ride at Lagoon on Monday)

Are you happy?


tscotriverside said...

True Happiness is reading your blog posts. :) Thanks again for sharing your profound insight...especially as it pertains to chocolate.

Amanda said...

Happiness is an apple with peanut butter for an afternoon snack (what I'm eating right now).

Happiness is blog friends (You!).

Happiness is just being.