Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fish Are Friends

I mean, who doesn't love Dory?

It's impossible not to.

I've decided that, at least today, if not for the entire Summer,
I'm going to adopt this motto for my life:

What a profound fish she is.

How are you, my dear friends!?

My goodness, I've been totally slacking on the blog lately. Life happens, yes it's true. Thankfully, it's good and exciting things happening this time around.

Things like a fabulous internship, a cute boy, an adorable kitchenette, a really fun photoshoot, an upcoming marathon and some much needed family vacations!
More details to come, don't you fret.

Can you believe my parents are leaving THIS MONTH!? :(

Oh dear. Neither can I.

"When life gets you down ya know what you gotta do?

...Just keep swimming."

Have a beautiful day, lovely people! :)


kristin brown said...

how exciting!! i want more details than that! good luck with all the wonderful and exciting things happening in your life!

Chess said...

Oh those cute boys. They ruin everything. Even blogging! ;)

Amanda said...

The simplest posts are the bestest of posts! Thanks for sharing a quote from one of my most favorite movies! Have a great hump day!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Details please!!!

Jessica Tibbitts said...

Ok... we think way more alike than either of us may have realized. The motto I keep spouting on my blog "All you can do is keep moving forward" is the way I translate "Just keep swimming" so that boring non-Dory lovers don't give me weird looks.