Friday, June 24, 2011

Dislike & Love - My New Life

*Note: My "new" life is in reference to the fact that A LOT of changes have taken place the past couple months and especially this week. i.e. Graduating from college, starting a new job, my parents leaving for the Missionary Training Center, moving into my apartment, having a boyfriend (I still need to introduce you), quitting my "student job" of 5 years, being in a brand new ward, new blog design ;) etc.


Not eating breakfast
(and sometimes lunch),

Not having a bathtub in my apartment
(Week 1 isn't even over and I'm already having withdrawals),

Not sleeping quite enough
(Yikes! I'm just asking for illness. Knock on wood),

Gas prices,

Living in a (soon-to-be-organized) mess,

Working from 7a-9p,

Driving and driving and driving,

The convenience of eating out vs. the inconvenience of working out,

- - -


My loving and supportive family & friends,

My “New” Life,

These long and gloriously hot summer days,

Shopping for my own groceries
(I knew I would enjoy that),

Easy hairstyles
(Thanks to my magic wand...curling iron),

Counting down to the Harry Potter 7 Part 2 Midnight Showing,
(21 DAYS!)

Converting people to Harry Potter,

The iPod I lovingly refer to as "myPod,"

The peace I get from FHE and Temple night
(P.S. I love my ward),

Reading Il Libro di Mormon,

My brother's GPS system,

Having the coolest parents in the universe,

Midnight calls after long work days,

Chalkboard mouse pads,

Having a cubicle,

Reading children's books out loud with a cute boy,

The awesome/hilarious people I get to intern/work with

- - -

I think it's fair to say, as I weigh the outcome of these lists, that, though life isn't perfect and I'm still working out the kinks in my new life, the blessings continue to come as I am trying to do my best and I still happen to very much love this beautiful Life that I've been blessed all it's crazy freshly newness!

Add "run-on" sentences to my Love list.
I'm real good at those!

May your "Loves" always outweigh your "Dislikes"


kristin brown said...

yeah, so i TOTALLY love your new blog design! so lovely! and what a crazy, exciting few months for you... you will look back at this time and probably mark it as the time when EVERYTHING changed!! how exciting and fun. :)

Chess said...

My loves usually do outweigh my dislikes. But sometimes those dislikes are just so much more OBVIOUS than my loves. Haha!