Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Try Not To Be Too Jealous

I seem to have this strange new obsession with boxes that hold lunch...

First off, the average American picnic basket. Guess how much this baby was...

Thank you, Walmart!

I'm gonna fix it up inside with some pockets and other such cute compartments. 
Hee hee hee! I am SO excited to finally have my own!

Isn't it cute? :)
I went on a picnic yesterday and it worked (dramatic pause) like a charm!


A "Disney Princess" and a "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" lunch box!!!

There's even one of those cool thermoses in the HP one...with a lid that turns into a mug when you flip it upside-down! WHOA! ;) So, uh...guess what I'm going to to use to sneak treats in when I go to the HP midnight showing! Hee hee!

My goodness. I'm so mature.

I have this intense kind of nostalgia when it comes to these fabulous, vintage, tin lunchboxes. I used to have a Barbie one when I was in elementary school... I might need to find one of those on Amazon. I usually ate school lunch, but I LOVED those days when we went on field trips and I got to carry my trusty lunchbox with me!

Who says you ever have to grow up completely?

Not I.


kristin said...

CUTE! i have a tin, pink hello kitty lunch box. and i really want one of those picnic baskets!

Brittney said...

I love those lunch boxes! Growing up we had Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and TMNT. They were awesome.

lovinlife said...

I wish we still had our old lunch boxes! I remember there was a Dukes of Hazard one.

I'm kind of tempted to but a lunch box now.

Brenda said...

I saw some cute ones at Smith & Edwards this past week :) Steve uses a Cars one to hold his scriptures :)