Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Female Kind of Excitement

I have found...

(dramatic pause)

You may recognize some of them from Paradise Bakery!

I've been in love with them and their lovely mix-&-matching-ness since the first day I set foot in that lovely place for lunch with my family once upon a time.

And, after lots and lots of searching and querying,

And, I just ORDERED my very OWN!

They'll be here in 1 business day.

Hee, I can't wait! :D


Siggy said...

Linds...I love them I would totally do the same thing. I too have found my dishes, they are at Crate and Barrel. I am just holding out until the store opens this fall in Fashion Place! YES!

Kim said...

Soo.. what colors did you get?, or did you get them all? I can't wait to see them!

LoriT said...

Where did you find them??? Love them!