Thursday, May 26, 2011

Heartstrings of the Week: Because, I Love Her

I. Love. Barbra.

That's pretty much all there is to it.

However, I probably should also mention that I VERY much adore this song, too! I mean, it's called "People!" What's not to love? Listen to the words. It's so great!

 My goodness, woman!

Yeah, I must warn you though...the movie this song is from, "Funny Girl", is...strange.
Well, it's good, like, it has it's moments...but it's mostly strange.

However, if you haven't seen "What's Up, Doc?" with Barbra and Ryan O'Neal and Madeline Kahn...This needs to be amended pronto. You'll thank me!

Here are some of my favorite quotes...which may or may not make sense.

- - -

Howard: "I am not repeating myself. I am not repeating myself..."

Howard: "How...? How...?"
Judy: "How-ward! Howard. We've almost got that stutter fixed."
Howard: "You...? You...?"
Judy: "Eu-nice! Eunice."

Hugh: "I am Hugh."
Judge: "You are me?"
Hugh: "No, I am Hugh."
Judge: "Stop saying that. Make him stop saying that!"

Judy: "Howard in sliding down the..."

Eunice: "As the years go by, romance fades
and something else takes its place.
Do you know what that is?"
Howard: "Senility?"
Eunice: "Trust!"
Howard: "That's what I meant."

Howard: "Is that clear?
Judge: "No, but it's consistent."

Delivery Boy: "They stole my bike!"
Judge: "That's grand theft auto."
Eunice: "They tried to molest me."
Judge: "That's...[looks at Eunice]...unbelievable."

- - -

Yeah, I could pretty much quote that whole movie.


Over and out!


Jill_ums said...

Love, love, love What's Up Doc! Love Barbra too!

Chess said...

Seriously, another amazing thing we have in common. I own What's Up, Doc? Grew up on it. I love it. So much.

lovinlife said...

Add these:

"MY JEWELS!!!!!!!!!!!! THIEVES!!! ROBBERS!!!!! THI-EE-EE-EVES!!!!"

"Use your charm."
"Charm? Charm."
(Trips lady down the hall)

"Who is that incredibly unbalanced woman?"

"What wine are you serving at table 9?"

"Those are Howard's rocks. What on earth are you doing with Howard's rocks!?"

Ashley Benjamin said...

"Please don't count, Eunice. I hate it when you count."

Haha! LOVE that movie! Thanks for posting this. :)

Ames said...

Will put it on the post-exam-to-do-list! :)

The Rookie said...

Yentl is my personal favorite. I LOVE that movie. "Papa, can you hear me?"

Erin Marie said...

I. LOVE. What's up doc. SO funny.