Friday, March 2, 2012

New Addictions

Thanks to my co-worker, Zach, I've started listening to "The Hunger Games" at work.
So far it's dramatic and intense...but I actually really like that kind of stuff.

- - -

Also, thanks to my other co-worker, Bridgette, I'm now addicted to Shark Tank.

What an informative show! I love seeing everyone's clever inventions,
But most of all I love learning about business investments... husband's turned me into someone that cares about that kind of thing.

- - -

Also, I've become quite the littler grocery shopper.
I'm convinced that saving money and eating healthy is a skill,
And little by little I'm determined to acquire it.

I love Smith's Rewards Card.

And Costco.

I love writing detailed grocery lists and planning weekly meals,
And call me crazy but each time I step foot into the grocery store it's like
I'm Tom Cruise and I've been given a new mission to accomplish ;)

Who knew grocery shopping could be so cathartic and fun!

I also enjoy the part when I get home and get to put everything in its place.
I have fun displaying yummy, fresh, colorful produce on our white cake pedestals
and taking James on a tour of the newly stocked cupboards, fridge and freezer.

Yes, I'm weird.
I guess I should've figured I'd love grocery shopping since I stepped foot in the old
Salt Lake City Children's Museum and walked into their pretend grocery store, stalked from
wall to wall with every plastic grocery item you could ever need.

Some call it weird,
I call it destiny ;)

- - -

Lastly, James and I found a really good deal on for P90X (extreme 90 day workout DVDs).
I love them! I don't know why I didn't figure out before that having stronger legs makes running a lot easier. Let's be honest, being all around more healthy just feels really good :)
Plyometrics is my favorite DVD.

- - -

Yes, I have plenty more addictions like sleeping in, Pinterest, baking pizza, and making color collages, but we'll save those for later.

Happy Friday, dear blogging world!


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