Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Making the Cut

Tah dah!

Notice anything different?


We cutted our hairs...well actually, I cut James' hair...
And then Fantastic Sams cut my hair...with a coupon for $9.95 :)


Change is good.
My split ends had split ends and now I get something new
to play with while I wait for my hair to keep growing.

What is it, dear bloggers, that makes your hair grow faster
when you cut it?

That phenomenon has never made sense to me, but...
that's the way my hair works, so I just kinda go with it.

Anywho...that's our little update.


1 comment:

Amberly said...

When you get split ends, they just keep splitting up your hair shaft, so your hair looks like it's growing (if you have color and can see roots) but doesn't get any longer because it's breaking off at the same rate it's growing. That's basically what we tell people. So trimming off the dry, broken, dead ends is good for it because then it won't break as it goes! Healthy hair is better than long, gross, nasty looking ends hair right!?