Thursday, March 15, 2012

Five Photos for Fun

This is the breakfast in bed James made for me on Valentines Day.
He meticulously cut the heart out of the bread and everything :)
What a cute face.

Tried a new do today:

Voile! Here's my home away from home, aka my cube @ work:

I made that pencil in my art foundation woodshop class.
& my friend Sarah made that adorable elephant planter.

Made these yummies for din-din the other night.
We do leftovers at our house, cause they make easy lunches.

The end.


Amberly said...

Leftovers ARE the greatest! ....but only for lunch!

Holly PatiƱo said...

You both are just too cute! :)

Anonymous said...

Looking at your blogs is like a visit...almost. I love soaking in your creativity and flair for colors, word pictures and heart.
I love you sweet girl!-Mom