Saturday, September 10, 2011


Last night, Mr. James Stubbs got down on a knee (detailed, adorably, romantically, awesome story coming tomorrow, k?) and asked me to be his wife for...forever :) It was seriously the most beautiful thing ever! Can't wait to tell y'all the genius plan of my genius FIANCE ;)

Oh, and the ring?
Tis the most gorgeous thing I've ever had on my finger!

What a great man :)

I mean, we all knew he had good taste. Right?
Ha, he's marrying me afterall ;)

(Yeah, yeah...just ignore my burnt fingers. Fight with the curling iron. Curling iron won.)

Tee hee!

Now I'm giddily spending the week in Lansing, MI with my awesome parentals.
That fabulous reunion story will come soon, too, with lots of fabulous pictures!

Michigan is gorgeous...and Jamesless :(
but it is SO good to see my Mom & Dad again, I tell you what!

Ok, I'll be back soon...



Chess said...

Congratulations, lady! Can't wait to hear the whole story! That ring is almost as gorgeous as its wearer. :)

silvia cstubbs said...

Lindsay! What a beautiful ring!! Good job Jam-es! I'm glad you have a blog so I can know what's going on in your lives! Excited for you. I think James found a really good one :)

kelli case anderson said...

congratulations! being married is the best!

The Rookie said...

Congrats and then some! :)