Thursday, September 22, 2011

Flies, Fitness, Food & Fanny

Eeesh. I had a very bugful day yesterday:

a) The endless torment of fruit flies swarming my face at work. 
b) I accidentally ran over a preying mantis while mowing the lawn. I felt so bad! Such a big living thing! It was like 7:30p, dark and the poor thing blended with the grass...unfortunately I blended it a bit more... :S
c) In hopes of restoring my bug-kharma after the mantis incident, I helped a grasshopper find its way out of my stairwell...rather than vacuuming it up.
d) Brace yourselves...I nearly walked FACE FIRST into a spindly little spider dangling from his nasty web in my bathroom. ew. Ew. EW!

- - -

I must take a moment to thank my lucky stars for the invention of Dermatologists. No one should have to endure the torture of acne and breakouts...especially those who wish to be pretty when they get married.

- - -

Why is it that when I'm away from James time draaaaags on SO sloooooowly,
But when I'm with him time FLIES by?

Bah! Seriously? I find this phenomenon very inconvenient.

- - -

Now that I no longer (for the time being) have a bathtub or a piano, I've found a new kind of therapy, that, surprisingly is more productive than either of my previous options... cleaning & baking. It's like now that I'm getting married my home-making skills are kicking into gear... and I like it! :D

- - -

And, for a little PPP, I am bound and determined to tone my legs and I found some quick and effective exercises that I thought I'd share with all of you:

The Bird Dog, The Plank, The Bridge, The Lunge, The Plie Squat...and I truly don't know what that last two are called...but they kill me every time.

Also, in Pilates, we do a similar exercise called "Teenager Butt"
...need I say more? ;)

My long term goal?
To be this lady.

- -

So...I've found that my goals of learning to feed myself, trying to eat healthy and living a the 9-5 life (just got a fulltime job) cannot easily co-exist.

Anyone have suggestion for quick and/or freezer meals?
I'm the "grab something as you run out the door" type, these days.

- - -

That's all for now.

Keep it random, y'all! ;)


Amberly said...

I have a food blog, that's nothing special, but since I work a full time job, part time job and I go to school part time online, I have very little time to prepare things and I always look for good, fast food!! The best part is, I make a lot and when I clean up, I take them from the pan into individual servings in tupperware containers and there you go, grab-n-go lunch/dinner for the next day or a few days later! :)

Rachel Allen said...

I often make a batch of chicken enchiladas or burritos and then wrap them individually and put them in the freezer. Super easy. Also, taco soup, I found, freezes well. You could make a full batch and soup and freeze it in little containers. Anyway, I'm so excited for you. I love all your pictures. You really are amazingly beautiful (but you're a Hess so that doesn't surprise me). I'm glad you're so happy. P.S. I've been married for 4 1/2 years and the days are still long for me when Charlie is gone, and time flies when he's home. I guess that's a good sign that we like being with our loves.

Ashley Benjamin said...

Loooove this! I truly love your blog. And I nominated you for the versatile blogger award. :)