Monday, April 9, 2012

He + She + Pizza = Love

It was here,

in THIS very restaurant,

that James and I enjoyed our first date.

A waiter strummed a mandolin and gently serenaded our
first glances across a large steamy margherita pizza.

I twirled my hair flirtatiously as James regaled me with stories 
of his mission to Italy and his love for dance.


Ok, ok...maybe there wasn't a serenade...

...and, ok, maybe I wasn't as charming
as the main chick in your average chick-flick.

Though, I dare to say that I had at least a small inkling that
the young man smiling across the table at me had some seriously
impressive markings on my "future someone" checklist.

Yes, I dare say even a small fire was sparked that evening.


Thus, in celebration of our, now, well-kindled flame,
James and I went back to Arella Pizzaria
in celebration of 1 year of dates and happiness and pizza.

Aw, look at 'im.
Still as charming as ever.

Hooray for love & pizza!

Here's to another year of love and dates and serenades and fireworks.

I love you, Jamesy!

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