Friday, April 6, 2012

Come what may...

Hello, dear friends.

Thank heavens for Good Friday
and, WAHOO, a 4-day weekend!

How have y'all been?
I have to admit, for me, these past two weeks have been less than enjoyable.
Work's been a little nuts...but, ya know...whatever. Nuts happens.

Thank heavens for our fabulous General Conference,
in all it's shining spiritual beacon-ness.

Last night I needed a breather, so I went to the templebecause,
I don't know if you noticed, but something magical happens there...



all the beautiful things in my life seem to say,
"Hi, remember me?"

I do remember them.
And, wow, there are a lot of them (beautiful things, that is).

I'm grateful for the reminder.

After I got home, I decided to go to one of my
very favorite places on the interweb and I found this talk:

"Come What May & Love It"
by, one of my favorite men ever, Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin

I cried. I smiled.
I remembered how blessed I am.

"Come what may"...Ok.
"...& Love it" Hmmm.

Easier said than done? Maybe.
But when you take a moment to realize that a perfectly loving
Father in Heaven is meticulously orchestrating a perfect scenario
just for you, well makes it much easier to "love it".

We just gotta do our best and ask for His help.
Is that so hard?
Notice I didn't say do "her best" or "his best".
All you have to worry about is what YOU can do.


I think I can handle that.
Not by myself,
but, thankfully, we are never alone.

That is beautiful.
Life is beautiful.

No matter what's up next,
I have a good feeling that if I pay attention to the beauty of it,
it'll be pretty easy to love!

So, come what may...
You heard me.
Bring it on!

Congratulations, you have just read my 600th post!!!


Hannah Joy said...

I love your outlook on life! It is soooo wonderful! And that is one of my all time favorite quotes as well.

Sophie said...

Thanks for the post. It's a really good reminder that was well time. Just one more moment of "Father in Heaven meticulously orchestrating a perfect scenario just for me . . ." How little we deserve His constant attention to detail, but how much love He gives it with! You're great. Have a good one! And tell Anziano Stubbs I say hi.